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What is Demand Driven?

The Demand Driven Methodology takes conventional ERP planning methods to the next level.  Focusing on flow, the Demand Driven method seeks maximize customer service levels while driving down inventory. The method uses strategically placed buffers and with tight and ever adjusting controls to manage the flow of materials and the utilization of resources. 

The Demand Driven methods have been used many industries to improve operational performance as well as return on assets.  Across all industries the average inventory reduction was 31%, typical customer service improvement of 11%, and average lead time reduction of 22%.  Companies have seen these benefits not in years but in months.  The panel below show both industry average and best in class performance across some Representative industries. 

OFI in conjunction with The Demand Driven Institute offers a suite of powerful educational programs designed to enable companies to begin and sustain an implementation of the Demand Driven Methodology.  In addition we office on site consulting and coaching services to help your team get up and running so your business can realize the benefits of this technique quickly.   



Demand Driven Benefits