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OFI Education and Training services are intended to help your team be more productive and be able to grow with your business. All classes are lead by an individual with over 20 years of experience in the industry actually doing the functions we teach about. We take a pragmatic approach and include workshops to show how to apply the principles we teach to your operation. We offer several training programs to meet a variety of needs:

APICS Certification Prep – These are structured classes organized to ensure your team has the necessary knowledge to pass the certification exams.

Principles of Operations – This is a series of 45 learning modules that are organized into 9 courses or they can be mixed and matched and blended with your company specific material for a truly customized learning experience for your team.

Demand Driven Institute Training – This is a series of courses based upon the principles of flow and high return on assets to help you get the most return out of your supply chain. The training sessions include an introduction to the principles through full certifications in planning and leading in a highly volatile demand-driven world. Courses can be customized into a unique learning experience for your team.

Specialty Short Courses – Are fast-paced focused classes that help your team understand and apply key concepts and operating practices. The Principles and Specialty Courses can be customized to meet your specific needs.  The certification prep courses all have specific topics to ensure your team is ready for the certification exams. We do add company and/or industry-specific content through examples and case information to help students see how the concepts and practices are applied to their work environment.

NEW  APICS Online Classes for Individuals 

APICS Certification Training

APICS Education and certification is the most recognized professional certification in the world. OFI is a certified APICS Premier Partner, all classes are delivered by APICS certified instructors, each with years of experience in operations and teaching.

Principles of Operations Management

Need some custom training?  APICS Principles may be just right.   Principles is a series of learning modules that can be customized to meet your specific needs. The Principles program has 5 core modules that cover end-to-end operations management from inventory control, demand management & operations planning, manufacturing management, distribution & logistics, operations principles, processes, & quality management.

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Demand Driven Institute Certification Training

We also provide certification and orientation classes in the Demand Driven Principles and Methods:

  • Precisely Wrong Workshop
  • Demand Driven Supply Chain Fundamentals
  • Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise
  • Demand Driven Planner
  • Demand Driven Leader
  • Demand Driven S&OP

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Specialty Short Courses

We also provide short courses that get your team ready quickly with:

  • Principles of Lean Operations
  • Setting up a Five S Program
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Principles of ERP and ERP Implementation
  • Introduction to Project Management for Operations Professionals.

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