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ERP Project Management Tool Kit

A typical ERP implementation touches almost every department in your company, The project not only entails configuring software but also can require changes to your operating practices and a significant amount of testing and employee training. The ERP Implementation Toolkit is targeted toward the small to mid-sized firm looking to install a new or replacement ERP system. The Toolkit does not replace a good project leader, it is intended to help that leader and the project team cover all the necessary topics to ensure a successful ERP implementation.  The kit contains:

  • Planning tools for sequencing and estimating tasks
  • RACI and other devices to help ensure the right people are engaged and informed
  • Suggestions and templates for project execution metrics and reporting
  • Guidelines for managing scope creep and change
  • Checklists and guides for setting up testing & user training
  • Tools and checklists for managing legacy data conversion and pre-commisioning readiness
  • Guides for managing cut over and “Go Live” for your new system

This toolkit is the companion kit to the ERP Functional Specification Toolkit.