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Solutions Services

Transformation is always a challenge and sometimes some hands-on help from people who’ve been down this road before is just what you need to get results quickly.

Our approach is to engage your team and make them part of the problem-solving effort.  In that way, we transfer some skills so when we’re done you’re one step closer to a self-sustaining team AND your team embraces the solution reducing the chances of back-sliding, something that happens too often in transformation efforts.

While we use some of the latest thinking for manufacturing, supply chain, and quality, we take a very pragmatic hands-on approach. We strive to use tools and techniques that can be easily learned and used in an everyday setting.  We’ll design a solution pathway that allows your team to build on incremental successes. Each step reinforcing the preceding one until your program is complete.

At the end of each engagement, you will not only have a solution but you’ll also have a better-trained team that is more capable of meeting future challenges.

Operations Performance Improvement

Operational Excellence, OPEX for short, easy to say but what does it mean for your company?

Making and keeping your organization effective, efficient, and agile is no easy feat. It requires diligence, skills & techniques, and an organization that genuinely wants to excel.  The OFI approach will help your team solve problems and lean to be self-sustaining.

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

Jack Welsh, famed CEO, once said: “nothing happens without a supply chain”.  No truer statement has ever been made.  An organizations supply chain is the engine that drives customer satisfaction & loyalty.  It’s also the engine that ensures your organization has the revenue’s it needs to survive and thrive.  OFI Solution Services has deep expertise in supply chain and manufacturing. We’ve solved supply chain challenges around the globe. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

Systems Specification, Selection, & Implementation Management

Modern supply chains & manufacturing seem to go hand-in-hand with IT systems. Many customers require large amounts of information that is almost impossible to supply any other way. The pace of manufacturing & supply chains demand it.

It is not often that operations professionals like you have the time to learn about ERP and other key systems, work through the details of your companies needs, organize your requirements, review vendors, and evaluate options.   That’s where OFI’s systems services come in. We can work with you and your team without getting the way of normal operations, work through the details, and help you define and select what you need. We can even help you organize and manage the implementation.