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Supply Chain and Manufacturing Services

How efficient, effective, and responsive your supply chain is can make or break your business.

At 10,000 meters a supply chain sources raw materials, transforms them, and delivers them to customers.  Simple, right? Sure in the textbooks but in the real world of day-to-day work a supply chain is a very complex thing with many moving parts, sometimes conflicting priorities and goals,  and many participants, some of which cannot be directly controlled by you.

OFI has years of experience in designing, constructing, transforming, and operating complex supply chains throughout the US and the world. We have a first-hand understanding of how to and how not to

  • Select and On-Board Supply Chain Partners.
  • Organize and optimize inventory, warehousing, and logistics
  • Organize, plan and operate manufacturing
  • Organize and operate customer service
  • Cope with the nuances of Import and Export
  • Optimize your supply chain for Duties & Taxes.
  • Manage supply chain risk and responses to risk events.
  • Improve Operator Skills and Morale

Let us help you get the most of your operations.

Representative Projects

  • Design of a commercial supply chain for a biotech firm
  • Implementation of a Supply Chain Risk program for a large pharmaceutical firm
  • Optimize a supply chain for cost and taxes for a major biotech firm
  • Reduce the cost of customer service by 40%
  • Improve manufacturing throughput by 30% for a Fortune 500 manufacturer.
  • Improve Quality System going from 33% of all batches with problems to 2 minor paperwork problems a year.