Client and Student Testimonials


“Pete Blok’s CPIM course not only gave me the knowledge of the inside four walls of a company/plant but gave me real-life examples and developed my critical thinking of supply chain outside of my industry.”

Howard Klamo

Business Analyst - SAP Supply Chain Integration, Conagra Brands

“I found Pete Blok’s APICS CSCP classes to be very interesting as he cites real world examples to explain Supply Chain concepts and constantly encourages interactive class discussions. This enables easy understanding and remembering of the lengthy modules. Pete has also been responsive to my email queries on quiz questions or other topics until the day of my exam. His consistent guidance and support helped me greatly to receive my CSCP certification. Thank you, Pete!”

Manasa Parakala

Bristol Myers Squibb

” I am so pleased that I took the time to enroll in Peter”s CSCP preparation class.  Peter made each class entertaining while explaining the concepts of supply chain to our small class. The intimate class size allowed for each of us to ask questions and relate our real world experience to help visualize what we have learned.  What quickly became apparent was Peter’s desire to see us succeed. The course and online practice exams have been invaluable while I prepare for the certification exam.”

Loren Paschall-Smith

I recently completed my CSCP certification and I am so glad that I enrolled for Pete’s CSCP learning sessions. His years of industry experience and deep insightful supply chain knowledge makes him an ideal mentor for anyone embarking on the CSCP certification journey. He is truly passionate about the Supply Chain subject which is noticeable in his classes . All through the course of the learning sessions, he kept the sessions interactive and interesting with a lot of real world examples and encouraging shared learning via discussions. As his student, Pete provides all the resources in terms of practice problems, practice test questions, reference materials and most importantly his time if needed to help understand a topic better. I would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking for an enriching learning experience towards completing their CSCP certification.

Deepali Bhalke, CSCP

I highly recommend the CSCP certification prep class run by Peter.  Not only does he know the material, his real-world experience in the Supply Chain industry and the stories he tells brings the information to life. 

Peter adds an additional level of understanding and real-world application of the CSCP curriculum.       

Anne C WIlliams

President, Holman Parts Division

I took a CSCP exam preparatory course with Peter J. Blok, which I can gladly call money well spent. Peter draws upon decades of experience in the industry in order to provide color and relevance to material that is crucial to success in not only passing the exam but also in long term professional growth – Peter really takes the time to cover all of his bases. Speaking of time, Peter made himself available outside of the designated meeting hours to answer any questions that may have come up from the material or the practice exams and that availability was priceless in itself given the ‘always on’ nature of the supply chain industry. Peter even took the time to follow up with the group long after his obligation was met to check how we progressed in our preparation – he seemed genuinely invested in the success of the group.

I have since earned the CSCP designation and would seek out future certification prep courses led by Peter because I know what I’ll be exposed to – years of experience and a wealth of knowledge.

Michael Szabados, CSCP

Pete taught an onsite CPIM 1 class to me and 22 of my colleagues.  He was able to cover all the material in 7 weeks, he shared his expertise and years of experience in supply chain, and he worked hard to make a connection between the theory and our actual business.  Everyone from the class that took the exam passed, and I look forward to working with Pete in the future.

Anthony Docimo

Director, Supply Chain Planning, Fujirebio Diagnostics

“Dr. Blok is extremely knowledgeable in the end-to-end supply chain. I took his 13 week course and throughout the course he kept the class engaged by asking questions and showing videos. He answers all of the questions/doubts, very hands-on. He also helped me offline and gave me all the time I needed so that I feel confident about my exam. All-in-All, he’s a 10/10.”

Arpan Bansal

Manager, Supply & Production Planning, Scientific Games

Peter went above and beyond what I expected from this course. He was eager to help and always responded to questions promptly. I give him all the credit for my understanding of the vast majority of the text material. Now that I’ve completed my CSCP, I look forward to taking the CPIM course with Peter as well.

Starky Bibb


 I was pleased to meet Peter Blok when he was selected by Bristol-Myers Squibb to offer a preparatory class for supply chain professional certification [CSCP] to a class of seasoned professionals.  No easy task – he totally got it that I was seeking formal accreditation for my work over the last 20 years.  Pete supplemented the APICS materials with his own customized materials that added extra context and clarification.  I was delighted that he was so personable and thoroughly knowledgeable in the subject matter.  Learning was energetic and fun.  When we asked questions that were not the most insightful, his professional, diplomatic, and empathetic approach was able to get us over the bumps in the road.  I am pleased to report that, so far, all of those who took the exam after Pete’s preparation have passed.  Real results from a real professional – I am very grateful, and I highly recommend the services of the OFI group.

Phil Clingerman

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Manager, Inventory Management Process Excellence

I had the opportunity to take the APICS CSCP course when my company offered an onsite class presented by Dr Blok. Attending Dr Blok’s class weekly was incredibly helpful as he walked us through the material and answered all our questions. With his real-world experience, he was able to connect the text to examples we could understand and relate to. APICS has empowered me to develop my career and today I hold a leadership role in my company’s supply chain. Dr Blok has been an expert voice I have called on time and time again for guidance to develop my supply chain and staff over the last two years.

Dr Blok, thank you so much for your insights. I value the guidance and support you provide. I look forward to my team taking the APICS CSCP with you in the coming months

Sara Rosa-Strollo

Production Control and Logistics Manager, Vesuvius North America